Last updated on February 3rd, 2023

Online Sports Betting in New Jersey

As time is running really fast nowadays, a lot of everyday jobs and activities becomes available online via the computers, the tablets and the cell phones, like paying bills, shopping, booking tickets and, of course, sports betting. The online sports betting are not new, but it is becoming more and more popular for several reasons, like the comfort of home and the time for proper betting analysis, to place the right bet. The sports betting sites used this increase of popularity and to make it even more tempting, are placing special offers and bonus all the time for legal sports betting from home and stay up to date with all the sports events around the world.

Best Sports Betting Bookmakers for New Jersey

Fanduel Sports

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Caesars Sports

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Bet365 Sports

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BetRivers Sports

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Unibet Sports

$100 Risk Free Bet
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Borgata Sports

Up to $100 in value
Minimum $10
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PointsBet Sports

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WynnBET Sports

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Sports Betting Apps for 2023

The apps keep you informed to not lose any important sports moment and to place the right bet in the right moment are a lot. Some of the best for 2023 are the following:

With a quick search you can find which is user friendly for your sports betting experience.

Which is Best Sports Betting Sites in New Jersey?

Almost every day new sites for online sports betting are appearing, with nearly two dozen mobile apps available in the state of New Jersey for legal sports betting. Some of the most known are:

Plus many more, which can guarantee you legal online betting with the best sports betting odds comfortable from, your home.

Bonuses and Offers in Sports Betting

As the competition between the sports betting sites is getting bigger and bigger, they are trying to attract new bettors offering a lot of betting bonuses and bargains, especially for the new members. One of the most useful offers is the 100% Deposit Match since the first deposit. Sports betting sites are offering free betting amounts for new accounts or the best sports betting odds to choose. The daily offers are very inviting to place a bet in the sports events that taking place this specific day. With a quick search online you will find loads off special bonuses and offers to check and find which suits you the most!

Online Sports Betting & Apps Vs Retail Sportsbooks

The popularity of the sports betting websites is growing a lot fast. And there are reasons for this.

On the other hand, the Retail Sportsbooks, are finding hard to compete all these. Except for the fact that all of them are legal and the live interaction with the other players, it is very difficult to find something else that it cannot be found online.

How to Choose the Best Sports Betting Site?

The main answer in this question is: to provide legal sports betting. If you are not sure about the legality of a site or an app, better to look for which you will be 100% sure about it. Legality is the most important reason to choose the site to place your bet. After that, you can choose the sports betting site that suits by the bonuses and offers that gives and the odds that it offers for betting. It is also very important to be user friendly for you choose the proper site. There are hundreds of options to look and find what fits you the most, after being legal.

Hot to Start Betting?

To start the sports betting online it is very easy, but you must find how to do it

Of course you have to join a betting company first, but before this you have to check some guidelines.

Of course never follow any “tips” from unknown and most important, follow your instinct. Many “crazy” bets won by the heat of the moment of one player!

Most Common Terms in Sports Betting

The sports betting almost has its own language and if you are interested in this, you have to become familiar with some of these terms that you will use in it

With the proper practice soon you will be fluent.

Strategies and Systems of Sports Betting

The sports betting are not exactly gambling and that’s why you must have a strategy or a system to reduce the risks. First of all you must make a line and odds checking. There are plenty of options, so you have to do a good research to find the best for you. Something that a lot of bettors are doing is middling the bets. It takes enough time but it is a lot useful piece of information and any information is important for a winning ticket. So you have to “study”: look and find the proper bets and the proper opportunity for them. But most important, never chase your loses. Take a break, gamble responsibly, clear your mind and soon the things will get better.

FAQ for Sports Betting in New Jersey

  • Where can I bet on sports?

    If you’re located in a state in which gambling is legal, such as New Jersey, then you can legally place sports bets in your local casino. Alternatively, you can sign up with an online sportsbook provider to place your bets on your computer/laptop or mobile device. Online sports betting has exploded in popularity in New Jersey in recent years and downloading a native app to your iOS or Android device is definitely the most convenient way to place your bets.

  • How do the odds work?

    The most common odds that you will see when betting on sports in New Jersey is moneyline odds. These are odds on the outright winner of the event and will be presented as a plus (+) or minus (-) sign followed by numbers. US moneyline odds are calculated to $100 stakes and returns. For example, if Team A has odds of +200, you’ll win $200 for every $100 you stake, if Team B has odds of -200, you’d need to stake $200 to win $100. The main thing to remember is that the selection with “+” is the favourite and the one with “-” is the underdog.

  • What is the best sport to bet on?

    This is completely subjective, as there is no one sport that you have a better chance of winning on than another. You should only ever place a bet on a sport that you are knowledgeable about, as this will help you find the right bet for you. So in essence, the best sport for you to be on is your favourite sport!

  • Which sportsbook is best?

    Again, this is generally down to personal preference, however we do offer a full list of thorough reviews for every sportsbook in the state of New Jersey. Ultimately, it depends on what you want from your sportsbook. Whether you’re looking for a huge range of different sports to bet on, a variety of betting markets, great promotions and offers, or an easy to use layout, there will be a sportsbook to meet each of these needs. Some will even satisfy all of these needs and provide extras such as live betting and streaming. The choice is yours.

  • What does vigorish mean?

    The vigorish, or “vig” as it’s more commonly referred to, is simply the commission that a sportsbook takes in order to facilitate your sports bet. This is how sportsbooks make their profits to allow them to continue offering an online service. This is all calculated and deducted automatically from any potential winnings before you even place a bet, so there’s nothing for you to do on your end. You may also hear it called the “juice” more colloquially.