Last updated on April 4th, 2023

Online Bingo in New Jersey 

Online bingo is something that is increasing in popularity in the state of New Jersey in recent years. As a result, more and more of the top online casino operators are offering bingo games on their platforms.  For newcomers, the appeal of online bingo can be somewhat confusing. Bingo in real life takes place in a big hall, with a real person (or machine) drawing and calling out the numbers. This is not what online bingo is.  The online software, via a random number generator (RNG), draws the numbers and your card is even automatically daubed for you. However, online bingo provides people from all over the state with an opportunity to take part in this unique online social experience. Here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about playing bingo online including how to do it, how to win, where you can play it and more!  

Where to Play Online Bingo

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How to Play Bingo in New Jersey  

If you’re a big bingo fan, but are new to the online version of the game, you’ll be delighted to know that it’s just as easy to play online as it is in real life, some players also mention that you need the same luck as you play keno. If anything, it’s easier! Here’s the basic steps to playing online bingo:  Find the site that you want to play with 

Now you may find a variety of bingo games to choose from. It’s important to know the different varieties and their varying rule set, to ensure you don’t think you’ve won when you haven’t. Some of the most popular variants of online bingo are:   

The great thing about all of these variants is that once you’ve purchased your tickets and started the game, there’s nothing left for you to do.  That means you can sit back and relax as the numbers are drawn and get involved in the live chat facility for the game. Chat to the other players in your online bingo game and send congratulations when they win. It’s a really great way to socialize online!   

How to Win Bingo in New Jersey  

Since 90-ball online bingo is the only one you can play currently in the state of New Jersey, we’ll tell you how you go about winning a game of it.  The first thing is knowing how to read your bingo card. The numbers in each column are arranged randomly on the card between certain amounts, so don’t expect to see them in any sort of ascending or descending order. Fortunately, your computer will do the hard work for you, and daub your card if one of your numbers is drawn.  When it comes to getting a win on a 90-ball game of bingo, there are three ways in which you can land yourself some winnings:   

  1. Be the first to get a line (anywhere on the card) 
  2. Be the first to get two lines (anywhere on the card) 
  3. Be the first to get a full house (or BINGO!)  

The three ways of winning correspond with the pattern of the online bingo game. You’ll always have a one line winner and two line winner, before you get a full house winner. It’s also worth noting that, occasionally, you may find yourself getting a line, or two lines, or a full house, along with another player. When that happens, the prize is split between the number of winners.   

Which New Jersey Online Casinos Play Bingo?   

At this moment in time, there are only a handful of online casinos that actually have online bingo on their platform. Those are:    

It’s interesting that, so far, only Borgata have gone through the effort of actually creating a dedicated bingo product. In Europe, there’s a whole host of dedicated bingo websites to choose from, offering a range of different bingo games. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll see that in New Jersey, too.   

Where you can Play Bingo in New Jersey  

If you head to any of the online casinos outlined above, you can play bingo online today! If you’re new, you can sign up for an account and take advantage of some fantastic welcome offers.  Here are the welcome offers you can benefit from when you sign up to the few casinos currently offering online bingo:    

By getting your hands on a nice welcome bonus, you’ll be ready to start enjoying your new favourite online hobby!