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Best Games for Casino Beginners

Jack Holiday Jack Holiday
January 14, 2021
The croupier holds a roulette ball in a casino in his hand.

People play online gambling games for fun and for real money. Some games are much easier to learn than others whereas some may pose a serious challenge to players. Some of the easiest games offer the biggest payouts and some games rely on pure luck such as slot machines which do not require any strategy. Below are the recommended games for casino beginners.


This is the easiest online casino game to play. The reason why it is so simple is because of its reliance of pure luck. Some people swear that previous results influence future results but this belief has not been proven. Playing Baccarat is as easy as flipping a coin and betting on either heads or tails. Players simply bet whether the Banker or the Player hand will win and there may also be a tie bet but its odds are not that great


This is the second easiest game to play which is also based on luck. Players do not need any specific strategies or knowledge to win this game. Players simply place coins into the slots machine and trigger the odds that may allow them to win or lose. This game is best played by just about anyone. Amateurs and advanced players are bound to discover something new that interests them.


There are several kinds of roulette and each one is played differently.

  • The American roulette has the worst odds as there are two Green Zeroes which are spaces on the wheel. They represent the house advantage over the player.
  • The European Roulette is similar to the American roulette except that it has only one Green Zero which reduces the house edge to half.
  • The French roulette is structurally similar to the European roulette but it offers bets that have been initially placed and may include a special rule which allows players to reduce the house edge further.

Roulette is easy for anyone to play. Just choose what you are comfortable with and bet even-money, the middle, or a single number bet.

Video Poker

Video poker does not require much effort in terms of its mechanics. Nevertheless, there are plenty of strategies involved in the different varieties of online poker games. Past winners have shared how they choose a game that they play consistently by using a specific optimum strategy. By doing this, they are able to learn the easiest strategy which they can then memorize.

Black Jack

Most online gaming software does not provide suggestion moves for this game. It is similar to Video Poker which involve a number of strategies thanks to its multiple variants. Basic Blackjack is easy to learn and it can also be played using a strategy. However, to gain advantage by advanced play like card counting is impossible to be done online. Blackjack is for anyone but with careful observation and practice, any player can master the game.

Regardless of your game of choice, the key is to know that gambling games have their own odds and players will win some and lose some. Gamble within your means and do not exceed your budget.

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