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January 14, 2021
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What Age Do I Need To Be To Gamble Online?

It depends on where you are residing at. In the United States, the age ranges from 18 to 21 years old that differs from state to state. If you are unsure, it is recommended for you to check the website of your local authority before signing up for an online gambling account.

Is Online Gambling All About Luck?

All gambling games are typically all about luck and a large percentage of games is entirely based on luck. Nevertheless, there are still certain games that involve different strategies, but still cannot entirely overcome the house edge.

Is It Possible To Win Online Gambling Games?

Yes, it is. Online gambling games are basically random and give every player a certain chance of overcoming the odds. The odds may at times be entirely against you which means that you will continue losing each time. However, it is indeed possible to win within the short term.

Is Online Gambling Expensive?

It can be but it does not necessarily need to be. You are in control of your expenditure and can choose how much or how little you really want to gamble. The minimum bet set by most games is usually low so only play with an amount that you are comfortable with. Always set aside a budget and do not exceed it in order to have full control of your cash.

Why Should I Play Online?

An online casino offers plenty of benefits as opposed to a physical casino. The main benefit is how convenient online gambling is as it can be done virtually anywhere. You simply log into your account and start playing for real money right away without having to commute. Most online gambling platforms also offer a welcome bonus and a loyalty program for members.

Do I Need To Remain Connected To The Internet?

Yes, an active internet connection is required to play for real money in online gambling games. You can either join an active Wi-Fi network or use your mobile data network on your tech device.

Is There A Way For Me To Check If A Casino Is Safe?

Every casino website has a license number at the bottom of their page. If you are able to identify it, this means that the casino has been independently verified and in compliance with strict operating standards. Another method is through the casino’s security credentials.

Are There Rogue Casinos?

Unfortunately, there is quite a number of them which causes a huge percentage of unsuspecting players to get scammed. It is essential for you to thoroughly check the site that you are on for a proper license issued by a reputable gambling association. Enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that only features online casinos that are licensed with the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement. Our website does not promote any illegal online casinos.

Can I Be Addicted To Gambling?

There will be warning signs which you can look out for to prevent the situation from worsening. For gambling addicts, the common scenario is that they will start hiding their addiction from others. They also have a high tendency to max out their credit cards, bank accounts, savings, and so much more just to satisfy their addiction or to settle their gambling debts. When you notice similar situations, it is best to seek professional help. While you can browse through our resources about responsible gambling in New Jersey, you may also call 1-800 GAMBLER if you or a loved one has a gambling problem and wants help.


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