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Isaiah Simmons Dubbed Elite Defender Prospect for Giants at NFL Draft

Jack Holiday Jack Holiday
March 24, 2020
Football News

The NFL Scouting Combine is now behind us and ‘wow’ what a week it was. Young hopefuls from over 330 colleges gathered to showcase their talent in front of the 32 NFL teams ahead of the draft in April.

The Combine is an invaluable opportunity for scouts and players to meet in preparation to build new rosters ahead of the regular season. For players, this is their opportunity to move out of the college football field and into NFL stadiums. It’s a grueling challenge where the next potential stars are put through their paces to test who has what’s needed to make it in the big-leagues.

For football players making it to the NFL means everything. They then hold professional footballer status and can rake in millions when signing their rookie contracts.

This year’s NFL Scouting Combine saw some incredible performances that broke records. For those players such as Isaiah Simmons, they’re sure to be selected in the first round of the draft.

The Giants have their eye on Simmons. With some significant movement in their current line up, paired with a high cap salary this year, they won’t be letting him put another team’s helmet on in a hurry. However, they are fourth in the draft, and it’s possible that the Bengals, Redskins, or Lions could draft him before the Giants do.

How Did He Perform?

Even after sitting out on a portion of the field tests, Simmons dominated the NFL Scouting Combine and has left his name in a lot of big team’s minds.

He was phenomenal to watch as he showcased his stamina and fitness levels during his workout. Simmons broke the forty-yard dash record with a finishing time of an incredible 4.39 seconds.

Simmons also went onto qualify as the second-best broad jump in his height range and tied third in his vertical jump at 39”.

Where Would He Fit?

The NY Giants have a top-ten pick for the third year in a row, and this year they place at number 4. This puts them in the perfect position in the race to snatch the elites like Simmons from the list. Alternatively, they could trade back to widen their haul of picks this year for the first time in manager Dave Gettleman’s career.

The Giants have plenty of holes that they intend to fill, and with their 4th pick, they could go in multiple directions. However, to miss the opportunity to take on a rising star like Simmons when their defense is in dire need of such a star would be a disappointing movie.

Final Words

It’s clear that Simmons is the solution the Giants are looking for. He has the speed, the coverage ability, and the strength to add depth to the Giants tight end from the linebacker position. After playing over 5 positions during his time at Clemson, he is the definition of versatility.

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