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Mobile Madness: Portable Casino Gaming in NJ

Jack Holiday Jack Holiday
March 3, 2020
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Back at its earliest origins, online casino technology was rudimentary to say the least. The result of which was an equally embryonic online gaming industry, with a relatively meager audience of tech-savvy punters.

Fast-forward to 2020 and it’s almost impossible to imagine such a time ever existed. Particularly if  you’ve experienced the best live casino NJ has to offer, you’ll know exactly how far things have come.

But what’s interesting is how the biggest and most important revolution in online casino gaming isn’t happening where you might think:

It’s happening in your pocket, along with the pockets of millions of other players.

Increasingly, customers are ditching desktop devices in search of the best casino mobile app in NJ. Or in some instance, those that take the browser-based approach.

The question being – what is it about mobile gaming that holds such broad appeal? How can casino gaming via a tiny touchscreen possibly compare with the all-action desktop casino experience?

Mobile Casino Gaming Defined

The term ‘mobile gaming’ in a casino context has become increasingly vague over the years. Once upon a time, desktop and mobile casino games existed as two entirely different things. Purpose-built for one device type or another, casino games were designed with specific screen sizes and technological capabilities in mind.

After which came the era of broader compatibility, wherein mobile customers could access much broader libraries of games via online casino. Nevertheless, the number of games available for mobile players was strictly limited. Even if an online casino had 500 games on offer for desktop customers, those logging on via mobile would have been lucky to get 100 to choose from.

Today, the vast majority of online casinos are prioritizing mobile gamers like never before. As a result, the overwhelming majority of casino games at any good NJ casino can also be accessed via mobile. Not to mention, an extensive contingency of games designed exclusively for mobile devices.

Hence, the definition of mobile casino gaming has changed radically over the years. Today, it simply refers to the process of accessing slots, table games and general online gambling opportunities via any mobile device.

As opposed to being restricted to a handful of mobile specific games, which was the case in years gone by.

The Explosive Growth of Mobile Gaming

All across the state, the popularity of the best mobile casinos in NJ is growing at record pace. As far as industry analysts and observers are concerned, the explosive growth of mobile gaming at home and elsewhere can be attributed to a handful of key factors:

  1. The overwhelming majority of people now carry cutting-edge smartphones, enabling them to access a world of mobile casino gaming at the touch of a button.
  2. Online casinos operate on a 24/7 basis, enabling players to log on and play at any time of day or night they prefer.
  3. Most leading NJ online casinos now prioritize the preferences of mobile gamers, ensuring broad compatibility of their software with major mobile brands and operating systems.
  4. The touchscreen interface has the potential to significantly improve various aspects of the user experience when gambling online.
  5. Extensive optimization now ensures a consistently smooth and reliable gaming experience, even when playing via a relatively low-power mobile device.

For the first time, mobile casino gamers aren’t being short-changed. If anything, the market is heading more towards near-total mobile focus than ever before.

Mobile Apps Vs Browser Based

For anyone interested in mobile casino gaming in New Jersey, there are two ways of accessing a mobile casino:

  1. Dedicated mobile casino apps
  2. Browser-based mobile casinos

Each of which has its own unique pros and cons, which should be taken into consideration. With a mobile casino app, it’s a case of downloading the application from the relevant store and installing it onto your device. After which, the casino in its entirety can be accessed by way of an enhanced interface and navigation system.

By contrast, browser-based casinos require no software downloads and installations whatsoever. You simply point your mobile browser at the URL and the casino takes care of the rest. More convenient than downloading and installing an app, but perhaps with a slightly less polished user interface (in some case).

It’s almost entirely a case of personal preference, though research suggests that just 20% of gamblers prefer downloading and installing apps to browser-based mobile casinos. Something that’s apparently known to most leading mobile casino brands in NJ, the vast majority of which favor browser-based mobile casinos for their customers.

Important Checks to Perform

Chances are that by this point in time, you’ve already experienced mobile casino gaming in one form or another. In which case, it’s all about ensuring you get the best mobile casino experience in NJ by choosing a quality provider.

Always perform the following checks before signing up:

  1. Compatibility with your mobile device
  2. Hardware and software requirements (where applicable)
  3. Range of games available via mobile
  4. Bonuses and promotional offers
  5. Customer reviews, ratings and recommendations

Once again, the days of mobile casino taking a backseat to desktop have been confined to the history books. Going forwards, you can expect to see growing focus on mobile gaming from the vast majority of quality mobile casinos in New Jersey and further afield.

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